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    A Playgroup is a child between the age of 2yr-3yr. This time a Playgroup needs to develop his/her main skills like cognitive, emotional and social development.

    Self-awareness is another milestone that helps parents understand how a Playgroup is reacting. Around 18 months of age, a child will begin to recognize himself or herself as a separate physical being with his/her own thoughts and actions.

    The Playgroup developmental timeline shows what an average Playgroup can do at what age. Times vary greatly from child to child. It is common for some Playgroups to master certain skills (such as walking) well before other skills (like talking). Even close siblings can vary greatly in the time taken to achieve each key milestone.

    Helping Playgroup adjust to preschool can be a positive experience. Parents must plan the transition, have patience with your child and willing to be flexible. Some children will be ready earlier than others; all children will make the transition when they’re developmentally ready, with their parents’ support. This will help you ease your child’s transition to preschool.

    We have a designed and proven curriculum for Playgroup in our schools which is very important and basic need to develop & stimulate their inner talents and skills.

    We have variety of activities and games like; stuffed toys, ball pool area, sand pit, multi station games, jigsaw puzzles (one & two piece), stage exposure, excursions, balancing beam, building blocks and much more. that suit these little one , through these things they will develop their intend skills directly and indirectly.

    Age Group : 2yrs – 3yrs

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