• Nursery

    Nursery accept children aged between 3 to 4 Years maximum, and are short sessions where children stay and play with other children of their age.

    Most Nursery offer short sessions (often mornings) to help ‘ease’ child out of the home and into a more sociable childcare setting and learning environment where they can play, learn and have fun with other children of a similar age, introducing them to the ways of education without their parent present.

    Nursery will also help your child build confidence, social and cognitive skills, and provide a good transitional base between home and ‘big’ school. Each group will have a varied mix of toys, games, singing, story-time, reading, painting, play dough(clay), art and craft activities, with a free play or outdoor area for children to run around in.

    Age Group : 3 to 4 Years

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  • School opening on 1 April 2017
  • Admission Open for 2017 - 2018