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  • Something About Skoolbag

    Children take their first step in the world of education in a playful atmosphere without any stress. It is like a family that has children, qualified teachers and support staff who facilitate the overall development of a child starting from social behavior, etiquette, attitude, independence and self-esteem. It touches things that are vital for strong foundation in the formative years of a child.

    Skoolbag is a endeavour in children education by a DPS (RKP) alumni. Our endeavor is to inculcate an education which is a recommended method of teaching. We believe every child is special and gift to the world.

    EXCELLENCE : Our Commitment
    SELFLESS DUTY :Our Motto

    Team SkoolBag

    A MOULDING GENIUSES Through a 7 POINT Action-Plan:

    To inculcate in a child
    1. Independence
    2. Decision making
    3. Cooperation/Social Skills
    4. Persistence
    5. Creativity
    6. Curiosity
    7. Problem Solving

    All the above being fundamental for child development and the child’s success in adult life.

    Our aim is “Safe and Happy Learning Environment for our Next Generation”

  • Vision

    Vision of Skoolbag  is to provide hygienic and safe natural ambiance of learning to a child with complete freedom to explore own self through interaction with world and surroundings.

  • Mission

    To instill feeling of belongingness, confidence and respect for self and others.

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  • School opening on 1 April 2017
  • Admission Open for 2017 - 2018